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I'm a bad, bad girl

There's this website, (http://www.standforchristmas.com ) where people can rate stores by how Christmas friendly or offensive they are.

My understanding of their use of the word offensive is "celebrates diversity". Because The GAP is getting slammed for their ad campaign that includes holidays that aren't Christmas.

Well, I discovered you can sort the list by offensiveness. And lo and behold I discovered I now had a handy dandy list of who *I* should support this season.

THEN I decided to send them a "Thank You" note:

I just wanted to say thank you for creating this website. As an atheist who prefers to celebrate diversity at the end of the new year, your website has made it very easy for me to determine where to shop.

Allowing me to sort your list by who is the most offensive, created a quick and easy reference list. I shall be informing all of my friends of this amazing service for supporting businesses that promote diversity and religious freedom.

I hope everyone in your organization has a very merry Christmas!

I'm not anti-Christian. I am against any train of thought that results in getting angry at others for not agreeing with them. This also includes, but is not limited to, sports fans, nationalists and fanboys.

Paradise Lost

Some of you may be familiar with this case. It's bothered me for a LONG time.

Basically three freaky pagan kids (TM) were convicted of murder with absolutely no physical evidence. One of them is mentally handicapped and he confessed (and he got parts of the story wrong..) and you know, no one has EVER confessed just to get an angry cop to leave them alone.

However PJ saw an article on Fark this morning and they finally found DNA evidence.. DNA belonging to one of the victim's stepfathers that is. I'm just a forensics fangirl, I'm no expert.. But neither were the kids they convicted. You'd think they would have found some trace evidence or DNA at the scene. Something, anything at all. But they didn't.

So I can't send money, but I can spread the word. Eventually I'd like to be able to send them books from their Amazon wishlists or write them letters. While I'm sure the lawyers could use the cash, I'd rather do something directly for them. Which is also why I'm posting. :)

Be cheerin' me up thar!

OK mateys, how about a virtual session of "Things Pirates Don't Say"?

I'll start:

Arr! Where be me purse, I be needin' a Tic Tac. ARRRR!

Open to the public. Send your friends to amuse me.


Remember my Aardvark?

Did you ever find the Aardvark?

Do you WANT an aardvark of your very own?

Why would you want one, you ask? To trick it out of course.

This dude I met on Deviantart actually had 5000 of these little guys produced and is sending them out (free) to people. It started innocently enough.. He sent me one simply because I said "Yes please! send me an aardvark!", but Luke ate it. SO he sent me another one. It lives in my office. And now he's sending me 2 more so I can customize them.

More details can be found on the website:

(Use the coupon code PIMP when buying a 2 aardvark pack and it won't cost you anything.)


Halloween Swap!

It's like Christmas but with cooler wrapping paper!

Strange Links

Comment here with the strangest website you can think of.

I want to add them to www.strange-child.com

The Official "Friends Only" Post

This is my last public post.

Those of you on my friends list know the deal. However, my ego / paranoia keeps telling me that there might be people who read my journal that aren't on my friends list yet.

If you are not already on my friends list, AND have been reading my journal, OR would like to start reading my journal, please leave a comment here. It is very likely I shall add you without demanding that you complete 3 dangerous quests first.


If you're lucky.

11:59 edit: Clarification, people already on my friends list don't need to go on 3 dangerous quests.... unless they really, really want to....

stoopid hormones

Last night I got home, ate dinner, called Jadefu and promptly fell asleep from 8:30 til 11.

Uh, yeah, that wasn't exactly how I planned to spend my evening.

In other news...

my parents are leaving for Italy today. (One of the things I had wanted to do last night was call my mother before she left.) I am jealous.

The middle sister saw a psychic this weekend. She goes every year in June apparantly. Last year the woman told her she'd meet someone special in a year. This year a different psychic told her she'd be meeting someone in two weeks. As I am a skeptic, I asked her if the two worked together. I was preparing for the lecture on how they have her "on file" but they don't work together. The conicidences between the two readings are eery, but then, so are my fake Tarot readings. So, I am completely prepared to have a depressed sister in 3 weeks.

The plans for the holiday weekend include visiting my in-laws in NY. We get to bring The Head to visit and I will get lots of pictures.

Ok, off to work for me. Remembering to shut everything down this time.

in case anyone needs me

I also forgot to shut down Thunderbird this morning, so I won't be getting e-mails until later tonight.

oops... clicking "update" helps doesn't it?

(I like this restoring from draft because I got distracted before leaving for work thing)

Something strange happened this weekend. I think, but I'm not entirely sure, that I had a relaxing stress-free weekend.

That's the only explanation I have for being up since 6am, and not hating life right now. I didn't wake up because my back hurt, or I had an anxiety dream.... I just didn't need to sleep anymore.


Saturday night was Mr. hippygoth's birthday party. I had a blast. Saw lots of people and ate lots of cupcakes. And really, isn't that what parties and birthdays are all about?

Sunday filthyassistant came over. After a quick trip to the maul, we watched Aeon Flux. We liked it. They didn't force extra plot down our throats, and if there was any painfully bad dialogue I missed it because the visuals were stunning. Actually, it made MORE sense than the cartoon... not that it's difficult to do.

I finished another stencilled shirt yesterday. A navy blue linen button down with jade colored dragons. One on the front and two facing each other on the back.

Oh, and for ladygwyn (and anyone else interested:
This is the good one: http://www.stencilkingdom.com/catalogue/catalogue.htm
This one is neat too: http://www.stencil-library.com/index.htm